Venture Capital

Debt and/or equity financing for start-up and early stage companies require creating flexible and comprehensive securities.  This type of financing is designed to assist in the initial stages of product development and product launch for private and public companies.

Private Equity

Private and public companies rely on equity and debt investments to assist with specific strategic growth and development objectives.  This type of financing is tailored specifically to meet identifiable short-term, medium-term and long-term operational objectives of the company. 

Debt Financing

Debt financing with a “secured” feature, typically in a first position and at an above-market interest rate, is often combined with an equity security (stock, option and/or warrant).  This financing is most appropriate for companies that are cash flow positive and looking to either grow organic operations or are targeting an acquisition - the completion of which will enhance cash flow and be accretive to the company’s market capitalization.  This type of debt financing targets cash-flow positive growth stage private and public companies.

Blockchain & Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

We assist with initial coin offerings of digital currencies on established and emerging blockchains. We provide support through project strategy and development, ICO campaign structure, direction, and compliance.

Financier Services & Cannabis in Washington State (i502)

We identify and secure financing agreements between license holders and private equity investors and participate in the organization and distribution of capital to licenses and related businesses.

Health & Wellness

We assist clients to develop unique and scalable business models, provide guidance on corporate structural matters and location and acquisition of real estate and advise through financing and acquisitions.