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Current Investments

(1) People

Attract a management team and board of directors, as well as other advisors, with experience in the relevant business sector, deep knowledge of the product, service or technology and achievement in an applicable endeavor.  Includes analysis and review of ownership interests, management’s duties & responsibilities, company advisors and directors & officers.

(2) Capital

Identify and secure the capital necessary to achieve short and long term goals.  The capital required and deployed must match the business plan and balance achievement of operational goals against an attractive return on investment.   Includes analysis and review of use of proceeds, return on investment, dollar amount sought, ability to effect follow-on financing and dilution & valuation.

(3) Business Plan

Review the narrative and financial presentation and ensure that both parts of the plan are coordinated, evolve from the same assumptions and lead to financial results in a market sector that will generate interest from the capital markets.  Includes analysis and review of relevant competition, timing to market & product marketing assumptions, integration of narrative & financial presentation and size of market opportunity.

(4) Corporate Structure

Develop a legal and financial structure conducive to raising capital and hiring good people - with the expectation that such people will also be rewarded with equity participation.  The corporate structure should allow for proper corporate governance, follow-on financing and various mechanisms for improving/maintaining equity ownership (options, warrants, pre-emptive rights).  Includes analysis and review of company capitalization, corporate governance & documentation, internal reporting structure and principle contracts.

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